• You know what may be the worst feeling in the world?

    theworstfeelingintheworldtitleHaving a stone in your shoe.

    Ok it may not be the worst feeling in the world but it’s pretty awful.

    I doubt there is a single person in the world who hasn’t had a rock or stone in their shoe at some point in their life. And when it’s happened to you I can GUARANTEE I know what you did next.

    You walked a couple steps at most…then you stopped, bent over, supported yourself with one arm, took off your shoe and tipped it upside down and shook it until the little stone fell out.
    We’ve all done it countless times. (Unless you’ve somehow lived your entire existence in a rock-free environment.)

    What’s amazing about this stone-in-the-shoe problem is that the stone is so small yet causes so much discomfort. And ALL of us deal with it the same way…in the same 3 step process.

    1. Realize there is a problem – “There is a stone in my shoe and it hurts.”
    2. Figure out how to best solve the problem – “I should take off my shoe and get the stone out of it.”
    3. Solve the problem – Take off your shoe and get that obnoxious rock out of it.

    No sane person would leave the stone in the shoe. And they wouldn’t solve it any other way.


    Because the stone-in-the-shoe problem is an IMMEDIATE short term problem. We can FEEL the pain or discomfort – so we get rid of it.

    Why don’t we do this with other problems we have?

    Because with the stone, the pain of the problem outweighs the effort of solving the problem. It doesn’t require will power or good habits to get the stone out.
    However with bigger problems – like having a low credit score – there is a disconnect between the pain and the solution. It’s not a “stone-in-your-shoe” situation.
    You don’t feel the pain of low credit RIGHT NOW so you don’t solve it. It’s more of a low level feeling of discomfort that you push to the back of your mind as something you’ll fix “tomorrow” or “when you have time.”

    With these bigger problems that take some time and effort to fix you say things like:

    “I’m too busy right now”
    “I can’t afford it right now”
    “It’s just not the right time”


    “Credit just isn’t that important right now…I’ll fix it when I’m going to apply for a loan, buy a house, get a car etc.”

    I have bad news for you: There is never a “perfect time” to fix a problem.
    The only time is now.

    The need for good credit will sneak up on you…until one day it costs you big time.

    You HAVE to act now. You have to treat it like the stone in your shoe and start solving the problem today so that when the time comes that you need it, you can actually use it.

    Improving your score isn’t difficult. It just takes some time and effort IF you know what you’re doing.

    Following our simple step-by-step plan takes out all of the guess work. That’s why we call our process “The Credit Escalator” because once you take the first step…the rest is as easy as holding a handrail.

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    Just imagine how amazing it’ll feel to see your score improving week by week as you follow the simple step-by-step program.

    Don’t put off tomorrow’s pain so that you can feel good today. Take the leap and take control of your financial life.


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