Agreement Form 1

Clients Agreement (Client copy)


Due to the nature of the credit restoration business and the laws that govern the industry, ABC Centerhas partnered with various companies to assist with the restoration of our client's credit reports, in order to do business with ABC Centerits partner, and processors, all clients are required to sign this agreement. This agreement will extend to ABC Centerand its partners, processors and affiliates.

By signing this agreement,

(CUSTOMER) agrees to the above clause and conditions without remorse or regret. You have also acknowledged that you were not forced or that misleading conduct was not performed to encourage you to sign this agreement. Any changes in this agreement will be provided to the client in writing 30 days prior to its implementation. If a client is unable to be reached by mail or phone, the agreement and its changes are final.


Credit solutions cost $195.00 set up fee plus $99.00 per month until work is completed or canceled by client with 30 day written notice.


  1. Provide ABC Center with personal credit information, credit bureau reports, and/or authorizes American Best Credit or its designee to obtain credit reports on customer's behalf.
  2. Sign up for Credit Monitoring Website: Identity IQ,
    (please make the username: and the password: creditcheck)
  3. Immediately notify ABC Center of any changes of address.
  4. Identify in writing any accurate negative information which you believe to be true, so that we can be sure not to dispute such item/items as per the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
  5. Immediately forward all correspondence received from the credit reporting agencies to ABC Center or its designated agent, and to notify ABC Center if final credit investigation reports have not been received within sixty days after customer receives the above referenced initial correspondence from ABC Center

During the evaluation and initial challenge process, ABC Center will review all credit information provided by the customer; prepare ELECTRONIC letters challenging items appearing on the customer's credit reports which the customer indicates are inaccurate, incomplete, obsolete, fraudulent or unverified as per the Fair Credit
Reporting Act. ABC Center will follow-up and review all correspondence received by the customer from the credit reporting agencies, in preparation of follow-up challenges as per the Fair Credit Reporting Act and transmittal of the same. Follow-up services will be fully performed by ABC Center within ninety days after initial challenges are mailed. ABC Center only to challenge items under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. ABC Center makes no guarantee concerning improvement of the customer’s credit history or FICO score, as both are dependent upon many factors beyond our control. Any questions concerning your personal credit profile may be answered by contacting ABC Center . This contract is valid indefinitely or until 30 day written Notice of Cancelation is emailed to I understand and agree to the above stated terms of service and payment


I do hereby grant a limited power of attorney to ABC Center and any persons of their employ or designees for the express purpose of preparing and signing all documents written with the intent of challenging and/or verifying information contained in the files maintained by the following consumer credit reporting bureaus: Equlfax, Experian and TransUnion, have received and signed a copy of the Consumer Credit File Rights under State and Federal Law.

Client’s Name:
Signature Above:

Date Signed

Note: ABC Center endeavors to provide its clients with professional service backed with integrity and honesty.
If for some reason however, ABC Center fails to improve a client's credit report, the company will negotiate the terms to provide a refund. This refund will be dependent on the amount of work that has been accomplished and refund will be calculated based on retail price per item removed. Revolving and Installment items are billed at $100.00 each and Mortgage, Tax Liens, Foreclosure, Short sale, Bankruptcy, and Judgments are billed at $250.00 each. The Set up fee is non refundable

CUSTOMER RIGHTS: The Customer has the right to cancel this transaction within five (5) business days from the date of the transaction, if the Customer wishes to do so, they must complete a Cancellation Form which will be provided by the ABC Center. Upon receipt of the Cancellation Form, ABC Center will return 100% of any deposit within ten (10) business days. If cancellation is made after midnight of the fifth (5th) business day, ABC Center will retain 100% of the set up fee.